ARBO Company profile

ARBO supply excellent, highly reliable and corrosion resistant pumps and filters for a wide range of purposes.

Since the foundation in 1954, ARBO focused on the design and production of sustainable products with a short payback time thanks to significantly low maintenance cost.

With a team of experience engineers, production- and sales staff ARBO service a wide customer base through a worldwide distribution network. Thanks to the employment of high performance plastics, ARBO pumps offer a remarkably longer life span than metal pumps that will suffer from corrosion.

At ARBO people, environment and safety take a central position. All scrap material is recycled, in order to safe cost and the environment.

Fields of Applications
Thanks to the technology improvements, plastics are matured to an industrial useful and high quality material with many unique features. The applications of ARBO products are numerous. Practically for every circulation-, filtration or transfer duty ARBO supplies the perfect lasting solution. For delicate processes and for huge liquid volumes.

Markets ARBO Service
• Hot tub galvanizing
• Anodizing
• Plating
• Production of micro-electronics and semi-conductors
• Waste water treatment
• Fish farms
• Sea water aquaria
• Desalination plants
• Industrial and agricultural fume scrubbers

Advanced Technology
Thanks to the combination of long-term expertise, continued research and the use of the most advanced tools, ARBO keeps her leading position in the development of high quality plastic products. All ARBO products need to feature:
• Uncomplicated construction
• Modular build-up
• Highest quality materials only
• Low maintenance costs
• Low energy consumption
• Short payback time

The use of 3D-CAD gives ARBO a great deal of flexibility. It allows specific customer requirements to be integrated in the design within a relatively short time.

The workshops of ARBO are equipped with a wide range of 4 and 5-spindle CNC machining centers and turning machines that are program¬med with CAM.

The workshop for plastics is separated from the workshop for metals and there is a modern spraying and painting facility. ARBO meet the demand on steel components like base plates or flanges in the required colour or coating.

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ARBO Centrifugal Pump - Polypropylene

ARBO Centrifugal Pump – Polypropylene

ARBO Magnetic Pump

ARBO Magnetic Pump

ARBO Immersible Pump

ARBO Immersible Pump