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Landia is a world-leading manufacturer of: Heavy-Duty Chopper Pumps, Submersible Mixers, Jet-Aerators and advanced process units.Their products are in worldwide service in: Waste Water Treatment Plants, In Biogas Plants, in Agricultural Farms, in the Food and Beverage Industry and in the Process Industry.

Landia, which is a Danish family-owned company, was founded in 1933, giving us 80 years of experience in manufacturing high quality pumping and mixing equipment.

Pumps for industry and agriculture
The World’s First Chopper Pump
Back in 1950, Landia’s founder, Mr. Christian Oelgaard, invented and patented the world’s first pump that could process and macerate the hard pebbles, long straw, and other dry matter found in thick slurry, and thereby prevent the potential cause of severe damage to the pump.

Landia’s chopper pumps, with its unique chopping system of fixed and rotating hardened steel cutters, are applied in a wide range of industries throughout the world, including wastewater treatment, food processing, biogas production (anaerobic digestion), agriculture, pulp and paper, and many other industries.

Landia has manufactured several thousands of these highly reliable chopper pumps in various designs over the past 60 years.

Many Models and Sizes
Our current range of pumps consists of four basic models which can be delivered in various sizes and materials, depending on the type of liquid to be handled and the capacity needed:

Submersible chopper pumps – submersible chopper pumps which are wholly submerged into the fluid to be pumped and/or macerated.

Axial pumps (aka: recirculation pumps) – are installed inside a pipe or in a channel where they are used to create flow (fluid motion).

Dry-installed chopper pumps – are chopper pumps which are installed outside the tank and they are therefore easy to inspect and service. The fluid is moved to and from the pump through closed pipes.

Long-shaft chopper pumps – are pumps where only the casing with the knife system is submerged in the fluid and where the submerged parts are connected to the motor above the liquid level through a long vertical shaft.

Surprisingly Long Service Lives
Landia’s pumps are exposed to demanding tasks in aggressive environments at waste water treatment and biogas plants, as well as in the agricultural sector and numerous industrial processes around the world every single day.

Despite the tough conditions, many of the pumps that were manufactured over 20 years ago are still running smoothly.

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Landia Chopper Submersible Pump

Landia Chopper Submersible Pump

Landia Long Shaft Submersible Pump

Landia Long Shaft Submersible Pump

Landia Arijet Mixer

Landia Arijet Mixer