25-05-2014 Tsurumi: New catalogue for GPN series pdf-icon
11-03-2014 Tsurumi: Model Change of VANCS series pdf-icon
26-02-2014 Tsurumi: Change in U-series Vortex Pump – impeller designs and pump curves pdf-icon
19-02-2014 Tsurumi: Change of supplier of power relay which is incorporated into VANCS series pdf-icon
03-12-2013 Tsurumi: Change of labeling method of serial number for the products produced in the Taiwan plant pdf-icon
25-11-2013 Tsurumi: new model KTD series – based on our KTZ series. This KTD slurry pump has agitators and can be used for heavy duty applications pdf-icon
25-11-2013 Tsurumi: new model KTZE series. Automatic type based on our best seller KTZ pump. This KTZE pump has electrode type sensor for automatic operation. Power consumption can be reduced. pdf-icon
Tsurumi: M63-003 Minor Change in Mech.
Seals H-40 to H-50T
26-07-2013 Tsurumi: new model – LH4110W – this pump has two impellers (two stage) and suitable for very high head applications pdf-icon