Products and Applications

Lifting station pumps
Pumping stations are facilities including pumps and other equipments for pumping fluids from one place to another. They are used for a variety of infra- structure systems, such as the supply of water to canals, the drainage of low-lying land and the removal of sewage to processing sites.

EcoTech provides a wide range of products for water and wastewater lift stations to meet end-user and consultant requirements. EcoTech maintains a reasonable stock of Tsurumi submersible sewage, drainage and dewatering pumps. To prevent odor from lifting stations built in for instance compounds and residential areas, we supply these lifting stations with ejectors and aerator.

Tsurumi aerators and ejectors are used in large lifting stations and equalization tanks for the removal of odor and act as mixers to prepare homogeneous mixture for further treatment in treatment plants.

Mechanical Bar Screen
Screening is the first operation at any wastewater treatment plant. This process essentially involves the removal of large non-biodegradable and floating solids that frequently enter a wastewater plant such as rags, papers, plastics, tins, containers and wood.

EcoTech’s wide range of Tsurumi mechanical bar screens are efficient for removal of these constituents and will protect the downstream plant and equipment from any possible damage, unnecessary wear and tear, pipe blockages and the accumulation of unwanted material that will interfere with the required wastewater treatment processes.

Aerators, air blowers, mixers and sludge dewatering belt press for wastewater treatment
Wastewater treatment is an industrial structure designed to remove biological and chemical waste products from water. EcoTech offers a whole range of components for a complete mechanical, biological and chemical wastewater treatment plant such as dry and wet installation pumps for lifting stations and water effluent products, sludge screw pumps, submersible aerators, air blowers, mixers and belt presses.

Pumps for industrial applications (chopper pumps, screw pumps and mixers)
At EcoTech, we are proud to start our new line of products with the Danish supplier Landia. They are specialized in heavy-duty chopper pumps and mixers, jet-aerators, long shaft chopper pumps, dry installation chopper pumps and advanced process units. Landia’s wide ranges of products are distributed worldwide in wastewater treatment plants, biogas plants, agricultural farm and food and beverage industry as well as in the process industry. In cooperation with Landia, EcoTech supplies specialized and high quality equipments of duplex stainless steel material for difficult industrial application such as sewage sludge, fish industries, poultry farms, slaughter houses, animal farms and pulp and paper.

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