R-B Pump Company Profile

R-B Pump (Reddy-Buffaloes Pump Co) has specialty in designing and manufacturing custom-made pumps for a number of different purposes and industries.

R-B Pump was founded in 1980 in Baxley, Georgia (USA). R-B Pump’s scope of supply includes but is not limited to the following:

Flood Protection pumps
Customers include municipalities, major airports, and U.S. Army Corps. on various flood protection projects. Pump flows vary from 1000 GPM to 600,000 GPM, with design heads ranging from 10 ft. to 54 ft. Available horsepowers are as high as 5000, and pump sizes range up to 9 ft. in diameter (discharge). Different materials are available for the manufacture of these pumps.

UL Listed and FM Approved Fire Pumps
R-B Pump has one of the largest selections of fire pumps in the industry. The fire pumps are manufactured to NFPA standards, and are UL listed and FM approved. Split case pumps are approved from 200 GPM to 5000 GPM, with pressures up to 570 psi and horsepowers up to 1000. These units are available in different sizes, all based on NFPA requirements. The pumps require lower horsepower due to higher efficiencies. Vertical turbine multistage fire pumps are approved from 250 GPM to 5000 GPM, with heads as high as 535 psi and horsepowers up to 600. Inline fire pumps are approved from 25 GPM to 750 GPM in a variety of pressure ranges and pump models to suit the particular application. End suction fire pumps are approved from 25 GPM to 750 GPM in different pump sizes.

Military Pumps
R-B Pump manufactures specialty pumps used by the U.S. Navy specifically designed to meet MIL standards. These pumps are mostly composed of Monel and copper-nickel metallurgy. Flows vary from 30 GPM to 3000 GPM. For the dry-docks around Navy shipyards, the company also supply custom-made pumps with heads up to 100 ft. and flows up to 100,000 GPM. These pumps are non-clog, dry-pit types requiring horsepowers up to 1500, and pump sizes up to 48″ in diameter (discharge). For the Air Force, Coast Guard, and Army, R-B Pump manufactures self-priming pumps to meet MIL standards. These self-priming pumps are used for pumping fuel and water. Flows are as high as 2000 GPM, heads are as high as 500 ft., and discharge sizes up to 6″ are available.

Fire Pumps
R-B Pump, Inc. announces the first entire fire pump line designed from inception to serve the fire protection market. Freed from existing designs intended for other markets, R-B fire pumps have been designed specifically as fire pumps. R-B Pump, Inc. provides dependable, modern, highly efficient, and practical designs needed for the industry today, all from its own foundry in the U.S.A. There are four types of UL/FM fire pumps that R-B Pump offers: the ANSI End-Suction, Inline, Vertical Turbine, and Split-Case design. These pumps are intended for fire service, even though they can be used in other applications as well.

Fire Protection Systems
In the prevention of loss of life or damage to property, modern fire protection systems utilize a pump to provide the flow and water pressure needed when adequate supply is not available. A pump for this service requires special construction, components, and accessories to insure safe, reliable operation.

Standard Sizes
Approved fire pumps are available in 21 standard flow ranges. The differential head of any fire pump will have a minimum rating of 40 psi. Every fire pump is given a complete factory performance test to verify compliance to the rated conditions before shipment from the factory.

R-B fire pumps have been designed using the latest hydraulic techniques available, producing fire pumps with exceptionally high efficiencies. The higher pump efficiencies allow for lower motor and diesel engine ratings, which translates to lower project costs and space requirements. Each R-B fire pump has a 400 psi casing working pressure as standard design. The rugged design and construction of the pump is evident from the working pressure to the smallest part, to assure the reliability needed for any given system.

Each Horizontal Split-Case and Inline unit has a common center line between the suction and discharge flanges. The flange sizes have also been designed to best match the minimum pipe sizes given by NFPA 20. In most cases, this feature eliminates the eccentric and concentric fittings, thus saving space, cost, and installation time. Modern patterns allow for better uniformity between castings, and contribute to the higher pump efficiencies.

Quality is of the utmost concern at R-B Pump, Inc. The pumps are designed, manufactured, assembled and tested all at their modern production facility. Quality checks extend to non-manufactured items supplied to assure total system compatibility. A 5 year warranty is provided on the pumps.