CRI-MAN - Submersible Chopper Pumps and Mixers

CRI-MAN – Submersible Chopper Pumps and Mixers


High Quality Mixers

Mixers designed for livestock slurry, biogas, sewage and civil/industrial effluent processing plants, with planetary gearbox, high axial thrust efficiency, double sealing system, self-cleaning propeller, and thermal sensor probes.

High Quality Pumps

Pumps for the processing of livestock slurry, biogas, sewage and civil/industrial effluents with double chopping system, high hydraulic efficiency, double mechanical seal and thermal probe sensors.

Dedicated technology for processing livestock slurry, biogas, and civil/industrial effluents

We are designer and manufacturer of machines (chopper pumps, screw press separators, mixers/agitators) for the processing of livestock slurry, biogas, and civil/industrial effluents. Thirty years’ experience, first in the processing of livestock slurry and later extending into the biogas and industrial sectors, enables us to ensure our customers an extremely Reliable and Professional Service.

Our flagship products are our separators, chopper pumpsmixers and Biocells.

Our products are manufactured entirely at our sites in Correggio (Reggio Emilia, Italy).

Professionalism and Reliability… through time

Based on our extensive experience and detailed studies of our customers in the effluent treatment sector in general, we fully understand all our customers’ needs, which represent our starting point and the guiding principal for all the operating methods permeating our company activities.

Our Vision is for Professionalism and Reliability in all relations with our customers.

Our Mission is to transform this commitment into operative reality.

Professionalism and reliability underlying every project

In our projects we place our customers in the leading role, or more specifically, their individual needs. We start by listening very carefully to their real requirements, which become the guiding principles for each project.

In the resulting dialogue there is a convergence of ideas, experience, and know-how allowing the creation of custom products for each customer, (eg: manure pumping equipment) with particular care dedicated to minimizing the consumption of energy and water resources, in full compliance with environmental regulations.

CRI-MAN make available their experience and technological know-how for the development of products that satisfy all the requirements of reliabilityflexibilitystrength, and durability.

To round off our Vision/Mission, it is worth underlining our strong points in machine performance:

  • our comprehensive range makes it possible to offer total solutions, in particular for processing livestock slurry
  • high efficiency, which translates into low energy consumption

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