FluidMix – Agitators

FluidMix – Agitators


 Design, manufacture and marketing of a wide range of industrial agitators. We are specialists in techniques and mixtures of liquids and fluids. Request information on our industrial mixers, without obligation.

Industrial processes are comprised of a set of operations designed to transform raw materials into one or more products. Almost all industrial processes involve some form of mixing consisting of the generation of a certain flow inside a tank (open or closed) using the rotating movement of one or more propellers.

When mixing is required in an industrial process, the system must be developed through a normally cylindrical tank and an industrial stirrer (a set consisting of drive, a shaft, and one or more impellers along the shaft).

For the optimal design of the mixing system, it should be taken into account in addition to the basic mixing functions of the selected agitator (type, number and diameter of impellers, turning speed and engine power), the operating conditions of the process (product properties to be mixed, continuous or discontinuous operation, recirculation, batch or semi-batch, liquid level variations, ..) as well as tank geometry (dimensions, Baffle, heat exchangers, inlet and outlet connections…)

Stirred Vessels

The mixing is present in the vast majority of industrial processes being the objectives that are intended to be achieved in each of them very different. The basic operations of agitation are as follows:

  • Mixture of miscible liquids
  • Dispersing of gas in a liquid in the form of small bubbles
  • Mix or dispersing of non-miscible liquids
  • Dispensing of a second liquid, immiscible with the first, to form an emulsion or suspension of tiny droplets.
  • Facilitate the heat transfer between liquid and coil.
  • Suspension, reduction of size, and dispersion of solid particles in a liquid.
  • Dissolution of solid products in a liquid Reduce the size of agglomerated particles.
  • Decrease the droplet size of coalescing liquids.

Even in the same process, the combination of two or more operations may be required resulting in a much more complex mixing system.

Fluidmix has qualified technical personnel, with extensive experience in the industrial field, who will offer you the tank agitator that best suits the objectives and conditions of the process. We design the equipment to work in the most severe conditions required by the process providing the team with the systems required for each case:

  • Sealing system by braided packing.
  • Sealing system by a labyrinth seal.
  • Sealing system by single or double mechanical seal. (With or without cooling and pressure system).

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