FPZ – Side Channel Blowers

FPZ – Side Channel Blowers


 FPZ was founded in Italy in 1975 with the aim of producing “side-channel blowers” to sell on the Italian market.

The water treatment sector, which was originally the reference market, turned out to be only one of the many sectors in which the blowers can be used. Today, we have offices or factories all over Europe and in the Americas and Asia. The company has managed to preserve its original founding values.

FPZ is a world class manufacturer of high performance regenerative blowers that are used to move air in pressure or vacuum systems. FPZ also manufactures a wide range or blowers suitable for handling technical gases such as methane or biogas.

A Side Channel Blower is a device used to move air and increase pressure thanks to a rotating impeller within a toroidal channel, so there is a progressive increase of energy. The term “side channel” comes from the peripheral position of the toroidal channel compared to the impeller shaft.

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