NOVA ROTORS – Progressing Cavity Pumps

NOVA ROTORS – Progressing Cavity Pumps


Nova rotors was founded in 1990. Nowadays we are a national benchmark in the manufacturing and selling progressing cavity pumps, wobble pumps and flexible impeller.

Our pumps are distributed throughout the world and applied in different sectors, from waste water treatment plants both civil and industrial, to oenological and the food sector. They satisfying the most varied demands and application needs.

The company which is located at the foot of the Berici hills, is supported by an advanced control system.
This system is able to follow the quality throughout the productive process thanks to a highly qualified staff sensitive to individual client’s needs.

Nova Rotors, certified ISO 9001:2015 and e OHSAS 18001:2007, guarantees an efficient way of working which is evident in the product and in the quality of service in terms of lower costs, punctual delivery and best performances.

Moreover we can produce pumps with ATEX proof which is required for applications in explosion areas. The range is characterized by a big choice of models covering a field of capacity up to 420 m3/h and pressures up to 48 bar in order to satisfy different market needs.

The constant development of new models together with the customization and innovation created, testifies to the continuous attention nova rotors gives to its customer.


R&D and Design

All drawings are created with software CAD 2D-3D high performing that allows not only design but also operational simulation through specific calculations on pump components.

All procedures of R&D and design are inserted on an electronic data base giving story of their development, following rules of UNI EN ISO 9001/00.

Calculation of Finished Components

Analysis are made with technics of advanced structural calculation (FEM) allowing to optimize geometries, design and applied materials for best level of any component.

Research and Development

In parallel with University of Padova, Mechanical Engineering department, we are studying new applications using most advanced technologies.

Interesting is study about materials and surface treatments, greatly applied to obtain high levels of hardness and resistance to abrasion.


Very important are analysis process and control of dimensions and tolerances defined during project phase in order to avoid that details not conform to the project may be produced and also to increase performances and ratio quality/price.


The Nova Rotors’s productive area, comes managed through the information system that allow to check the throw and the advancement of the production in detailed way, reducing possible errors and delays of delivery.

The company, even though of modest dimensions but in strong expansion, has introduced a productive-organizational system that has allowed to create the bases for a solid affirmation in national and international field.

Test Run

Pumps are tested with a modern hydraulic test room with a computerized equipment that gives data about:

  • Operative pressure
  • Capacity
  • Power absorption
  • NPSH
  • Torque

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