Sigmaline UV

SigmaLine UV

This SigmaLine UV system’s “I-shape” design features the inlet and outlet positioned in one line. The benefit is low head loss and very easy installation in new or existing pipelines.

The long-life medium-pressure UV lamp is compact and emits a broad spectrum of wavelengths with a high intensity to effectively disinfect or break down chloramines in pool water.

The UV lamp can be removed during flow so it is not necessary to depressurise the UV system.

A UV sensor (4-20mA) continuously controls the UV lamp’s output. In the event of the quartz sleeve fouling, water quality changing or the lamp aging, the UV sensor sounds an alarm.

The user-friendly Lambda controller manages the operation of the SigmaLine UV for optimum performance.

Philine UV
  • Compact L-shaped UV
  • Low-pressure UV lamps
  • 254 nm wavelength
Gammaline UV
  • L-shaped UV system
  • Low-pressure UV lamp
  • 254 nm wavelength
DeltaLine UV
  • Compact inline UV system
  • Wavelength up to 400 nm
  • Motor-driven cleaning
Betaline-E UV
  • Compact L-shaped system
  • Efficient, W/L: 254 nm
  • Low-pressure UV lamps

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