TECNIUM – Corrosive Fluids and Plastic Pumps

TECNIUM – Corrosive Fluids and Plastic Pumps


Specialized in the manufacture of capital goods to handle corrosive fluids and equipment and installations for gas treatment.

Our task is to implement projects and constructions that meet the needs and expectations of our customers, in terms of reliability, competitiveness and quality, based on our long experience and under the most demanding international standards.

“Serving customers in a personalized, agile and warm, with a team with highly qualified technicians, is our highest priority.”

We also want to continue to evolve and adapt with investment in research and development, which has meant that, since our beginnings in 1957, we have always been a leading company.

Our means of production are located in Manresa from our origins. At present it has a production area of 15,000 m2 spread over three buildings and an office of 1,200 m2. These facilities are available to those customers who want to visit them, taking advantage of a good strategic location as well as ease of access.

Also Tecnium has an extensive international network of collaborators and manufacturers that has allowed our business and products can be shipped worldwide, keeping production and transportation costs under control and ensuring the highest quality standards required by Tecnium.

Our commitment as a company of national and international renown and be the best industry benchmark for customers who require a higher quality, expertise and service, motivates us to continue forward to this great project.

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EcoTech is located in UAE and Saudi Arabia. Our head office is located in Hamriyah Free Zone in UAE.

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