General Commercial Terms and Conditions


  • Factory & standard performance
  • Sectional drawing
  • Dimensional data sheets
  • O & M manuals
  • Warranty certificate



  • Guide pipes, anchor bolts for duck foot bends and chains for aerators.
  • Any installation or testing & commissioning.
  • Any civil work, pipes, valves and other equipment not specified in our offer.
  • Any other documents, attestation or test certificates required but not mentioned in our quotation. Any additional documentations required shall be at added cost.


Shipping documents:

  • Certificate of Origin.
  • Certified Invoice from Chamber of Commerce.
  • Packing List.



  • All prices quoted are in UAE Dirham/Saudi Riyal based on UAE /Saudi exchange rate of US dollar/Euro. All prices quoted are in US dollar based on US dollar exchange rate of UAE Dirham /Saudi Riyal.
  • Any changes in the official rates will be reflected in our final tender sum.


Delivery door to door:

1.  VAT and Customs Duties

The following conditions apply if EcoTech FZC agrees to arrange a freight forwarder to ship the required materials from Sharjah warehouses in the UAE to the importers warehouse in the KSA. Once the freight forwarder enters the borders of KSA, the Saudi VAT and Customs duties will be applied to the freight bill. The importer has two options:

  • Importer enters the Saudi customs platform to settle the VAT and customs duty directly on the platform.
  • EcoTech Shipping Agent can, on behalf of the importer, pay the required VAT and customs
    duty at the time of clearance. If the importer chooses this option, the importer must pay the same VAT & Customs Duty bill to our shipping agent before the importer receives the shipment. Importer must settle the payment within few days. Otherwise, items will be kept in the freight forwarder facility with additional storage fees until all taxes are settled.


If the importer neglects tax payments, we reserve the right to sell items to a third party without prior notice. Customer refunds will be considered on a case-by-case basis and settled after deduction of shipping charges, all taxes, orders cancellation fees, etc.



The customer is responsible for obtaining all SABER certificates from SABER platform. However, EcoTech can provide free support and work on behalf of the customer online on their SABER platform to help them obtaining the required certificates. EcoTech will provide all necessary documents and test reports, for the regulated products, for upload to SABER system as agreed with the customer. One Certificate can contain many models and customer can benefit from the validity of certificates for one year. However, all fees for SABER systems to obtain the related certificates must be settled by the customer online via SABER platform.


Lump Sum Price:
Prices quoted in the bills are based on complete order. For part order or partial delivery, we reserve the right to amend our prices.


Delivery confirmation and missing parts:
Our delivery confirmation is excluding the holidays.
Customer is requested to check all deliveries upon receipt of material. Should any parts appear to be missing the client is requested to promptly report the same with evidence to EcoTech.


Cancelation of order:
Purchase orders cannot be canceled after client’s confirmation of PO and receipt of order acknowledgment letter.


Late Payment Penalty:
With respect to the unpaid amount of any invoice on agreed due date, a finance charge of 20% per year and or 1.7% per month, payable from the due date of the invoice to the date payment is received, shall be due and payable to EcoTech.


All equipment is covered by our standard warranty for (12) twelve months from delivery or (18) eighteen months from the date of Purchase order, whichever is the sooner.

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