TSURUMI Pumps – Submersible Pumps and Aerators

TSURUMI Pumps – Submersible Pumps and Aerators


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Tsurumi introduced its overseas strategy in the 1960s. Our technical capabilities gained recognition first Asia in the 1970s and then in the United States and Europe in the 1980s. Following these initial successes, we sought to accelerate the overseas strategy through our International Sales Division. Remarkable successes in fields including construction, civil engineering, mining, industrial wastewater, domestic wastewater, sewage treatment, flood control, facilities designed to bring people into closer contact with water, and scenery creation have proven Tsurumi’s creativity and capability to the world.
Today Tsurumi has expanded its bases of operations and is active in 45 countries and regions. In addition to supporting a variety of worksites, our high-performance pump products are widely used in large-scale national projects, where they fulfill their roles reliably.

Waterworks and Wastewater 

Sewer systems are essential in maintaining the comfort of human life. If we are to protect the cleanliness of the Earth and its water resources, wastewater treatment is an unavoidable issue. True to our nature as a company of water specialists, Tsurumi is working on a variety of wastewater treatment products. Current efforts to address the various challenges faced by wastewater treatment facilities are already beginning to yield results.

Newly developed equipment such as flow generators, aerators, mixers, and sludge dehydrators are effective not only in stabilizing processing and increasing treatment speeds but also in reducing costs and conserving energy.

Construction and Mining

In the past, Tsurumi submersible pumps have been used at many large-scale construction projects, including the Seto and Akashi-Kaikyo bridges, the Haneda Airport terminal building, Kansai International Airport, and the Tokyo Bay Aqua-Line. Today, a wide range of Tsurumi products are hard at work at building and road construction sites around Japan removing muddy water, keeping workers safe, and maintaining a clean work environment.

Tsurumi submersible pumps demonstrate their power in mine water drainage, too outside Japan, winning wide praise from users who say that “the Tsurumi difference gets more obvious the more severe the conditions in which these pumps are used.”

Tsurumi has developed well over 3,000 submersible pump models for use in civil engineering and construction applications. Our hard work is evident in their surprisingly rugged performance, dependable safety, and outstanding ease of use.

Industry and Energy

You’ll find Tsurumi submersible pumps hard at work in a range of facilities that deal with water. Different job sites and facilities require different pumps, and we develop pumps that meet those needs.

Throughout its history, Tsurumi has developed more than 17,000 submersible industrial pump designs. Among our customers are plants that handle special liquids or require complex processes, and our technical skills are highlighted by our ability to meet the unique wishes of sites like these. In addition to pumps, Tsurumi is active in developing a range of water-related equipment for processes such as aeration, mixing, suspended matter (scum) recovery, and dehydration. Recently, we are also devoting resources to the development of vacuum pumps.

Agriculture and Irrigation

From large irrigation pumps that take in water from storage reservoirs and rivers to compact engine pumps that are easily transportable, Tsurumi specializes in irrigation and sprinkling equipment, hardware that is critical in agricultural regions.

Tsurumi’s wastewater pump systems reliably transport domestic wastewater from residences to treatment facilities. The rapidly growing popularity of these systems is driving increased use of wastewater treatment solutions, which offer advantages that include suitability for use in areas that are distant from sewer lines or that have extreme differences in elevation; the ability for customers to choose only necessary components, enabling low-cost system deployment; and simple maintenance and management. With other products including livestock wastes treatment equipment for stockbreeders and pumping equipment for hot spring facilities, Tsurumi is contributing to modernization across Japan by supplying a variety of pump products carefully designed with an awareness of actual conditions in their target regions.

River and Flood Control

As human populations become concentrated in urban areas, damage from flooding associated with storms and typhoons is becoming an increasingly serious problem.

With the need for technology for processing rainwater quickly and appropriately reaching unprecedented levels, expectations for Tsurumi’s water specialists are running at an all-time high. We can design an extensive range of systems to meet these needs, and many of our products, including specially designed pumps capable of quickly draining rainwater and emergency drainage equipment that can be operated in small spaces, are already being used in the field. We see our job as pursuing more dependable levels of safety while going face-to-face with the most severe of natural conditions.

Environmental Protection

At Tsurumi, we have a long history of researching water and battling wastewater. We have worked to treat and purify polluted water and to keep rivers and seas from becoming more polluted than they already are. Proposed projects such as fountains and streams designed to bring people into closer contact with water derive from our commitment to keeping the Earth and its water resources clean.

Tsurumi technologies control wastewater pH levels, recover water from excess sludge generated by industrial water treatment systems, recycle organic waste products as useful fertilizer, and restore agricultural land by suppressing the generation of waste products. Our initiatives are attracting attention and praise in a large number of fields due to the connection of these technologies to environmental improvement and resource recycling.

The Tsurumi technologies that keep evolving

Tsurumi has been developing an extensive lineup of product that are excellent in durability and operability, and that meet various needs and applications including energy-saving capability, through its many years of technical development knowhow. The product born from these technical know-how have been adopted by major national projects such as, caisson immersion work of the Akashi-Kaikyo Bridge, and construction and subsequent anti-subsidence countermeasures at Kansai International Airport, etc. The Tsurumi technologies have thus received higher reputations through these facts.

Tsurumi technologies keep on evolving unceasingly toward realizing the amenity-centric engineering for both people and the earth.

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