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The models HBP501 – HBP555 are powerful, compact and built for use in difficult conditions. In addition, the new HBPR models with agitator head easily handle even muddy and greasy media.

The wear-resistant HBP(R) construction pumps for professional use

Sand and sludge contamination on construction sites poses considerable challenges for construction pumps used in dewatering applications: Components such as the impeller or the motor shaft often wear out due to abrasive suspended solids and dirt and therefore require frequent maintenance; subsequent replacement of the components costs time and money. For this reason, we have developed dewatering pumps in the HBP series, which provide constant performance even when exposed to abrasive liquids. To prevent wear and tear on the motor, it is protected by a  shaft seal and a double mechanical seal in an oil bath. In addition, the outer jacket cooling counteracts overheating of the motor. The suction strainer with an open passage of 6 – 8 mm for solids, however, reduces that larger particles are sucked in and clog the pumps.

On site pumps it is possible to pump media with a temperature of 40 °C in continuous operation; for short periods the temperature can even reach 60 °C.

“A robust construction of the construction pump is essential for reliable drainage operation,” explains Alexander Vogel, project manager of the HBP series at HOMA Pumpenfabrik GmbH. “This is necessary because the systems often operate under difficult conditions and have to cope with abrasive media such as gravel, sand or sludge”. As a result of the resulting wear on relevant structural components such as the impeller, the pump casing, the permanently lubricated roller bearing or the motor shaft, the system is consequently limited in its functionality. The HBP pumps, on the other hand, have proven themselves in continuous operation even under adverse conditions. “The construction is very robust due to the use of a wide range of wear-resistant materials”, Vogel explains. “For the motor shaft and the motor housing, for example, we used stainless steel. The impeller in turn is made of high-quality grey cast iron.” The robustness is additionally increased by the integrated shaft seal. In combination with an additional sealing ring, this protects the mechanical seals (GLRD) so that there is no direct contact with the pumped medium and its abrasive components. “This minimizes maintenance costs and increases pump availability,” says Vogel.

Robust. Compact. With mixing head

The HBPR pumps are a brand new addition to the range. They have the characteristics of the proven HBP series and are additionally equipped with a stainless steel agitator head to enable a strong pumping action with muddy and greasy media. The rotation of the agitator head results in a better flowability of the pumped medium. Problematic mixtures of dirty water, sand or bentonite are pumped off optimally due to the swirling and special suction behaviour of the HBPR.

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