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New seal box and safety design Single seals TGSI, SISI, PK for KR and TK-HD

Over the past years our mechanical seal materials evaluated to practically wear free. 

From Carbon with ceramic faces to PTFE filled or SSIC materials. Therefore the need for seal re-adjustment to compensate for wear became redundant.

At the same time, system pressures increased to higher value’s thanks to the PEEK pressure element that we introduced in 2018 which has proven to be very successful in the field. It suits most applications without the need for further on site adjustment.

Altogether it appeared that the “adjustable bush” feature was no longer necessary and we rationalized the construction to a fixed dimension.

Simultaneously we designed a better safety protection device for the rotating shaft in order to comply with the machinery directive.

Main features of this new design are:
• Standardized seal adjustment for all materials and type
• Same assembly method for all shaft sizes
• Suitable for upgrading to Q (quench) version for single seals
• Suitable for upgrading to BL double seals (TK versions only)
• New seal box 100% interchangeable with existing pumps in combination with pressure element.
• Safer and better!

No flushing required. Just hose connector.

“Old adjustable bush seal”
plastic “pressure element”
New design seal box and shaft protection
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