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Chemical Centrifugal Pump

Characteristics Chemical Centrifugal Pump.

Check out the advantages of a chemical centrifugal pump in comparison to a regular pump.

  • For all applications where metal pumps suffer from corrosion.
  • Interchangeable with metal pumps thanks to normalized connections.
  • Machined completely from solid blocks of plastic.
  • No metal parts in the liquid – extremely corrosion resistant.
  • No injection molding or welding involved – no chemical cracking!
  • The highest chemical resistance.
  • Close (KR) and long (TK) coupled configurations.
  • Horizontal or vertical mounting.
  • Special configurations for abrasive liquids.
  • For plastic pumps unique new hydraulic
  • Flow rates (Q) up to 500 m³/h
  • Flow rates (H) up to 90 m

As Arbo Pumps we are known as the chemical centrifugal pump manufacturer from the Netherlands.

Pump protection
  • Dry running protector
  • Pressure gauges
  • Priming units
Immersible pump
  • Dry running resistant
  • Compact design
  • Max. 300 m³/h, max. 90 m
Magnetic drive pump
  • Plastic casing/impeller
  • Self-priming option
  • Max. 60 m³/h, max. 90 m

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