Magnetic drive pump

Magdrive Pump

Characteristics Magdrive Pump.

  • Also self-priming
  • High pressure turbine executions
  • 60 m³/h, max. 90 m
  • Magnetic drive pumps are Seal-less
  • Equipped with a closed impeller

Working Principle Magdrive Pump.

  • We often get the question, magdrive pumps how they work?
  • Magdrive pumps are Seal-less
  • The driving torque is transmitted by a permanent magnetic coupling to an internal magnet that moves the impeller.
  • They also ask, are mag drive pumps quiet?
  • We make all our magdrive pumps as quiet as they can possibly be.
Pump protection
  • Dry running protector
  • Pressure gauges
  • Priming units
Immersible pump
  • Dry running resistant
  • Compact design
  • Max. 300 m³/h, max. 90 m
End suction pump
  • Plastic casing/impeller
  • Self-priming option
  • Max. 600 m³/h, max. 90 m

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