Screw Screen for High Solid Content Flows

FC/U Screen for High Solid Content Flows

The FC/U screw screen is used for the treatment of wastewater with a significant percentage of solid to separate.
Differs from the other screw screens for a section of transport realized with a U-trough and a discharging section of
considerable size. In the lower part is positioned the loading basket.
The screw is shaft-less but greatly reinforced. The machine can be positioned inside a channel or in a special tank


• Low speed of rotation and no intermediate supports

• Self-cleaning with brushes fit on the screw

• Low maintenance and low initial investment

• Considerable reduction of volume and weight at the end of processing (up to 35-40%)

• High percentage of solids removed

Inlet flow rate Up to 1277 m3/h

Loading basket cleaning With bolted brushes

Inclination 35° – 45° Conveying length Variable Filtering options

holes ø 2÷ ø 10 mm 0,25 ÷ 3 wedge wire

Combined Wastewater pre-treatment Unit



Compact Unit Pretreatment Plants


Combined Pretreatment Compact Unit


Pre-treatment Combined Compact Unit


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