Sludge Mixer Conveyor


The SMC sludge mixer conveyor is designed for the mixing of sludge and lime to achieve stabilized sludge.
The dual-sha􀀁 compact mixer can easily be adapted to existing or new sludge stabilization processes for water and wastewater treatment plants. Two rotating sha􀀁s facilitate quality blending of the lime and sludge.
Each paddle is orientable according to the sludge characteristics and dry solids content.
Lime and sludge is added from the top in one end of the mixer housing. The rotating sha􀀁s ensure a good mixing of the material. At the same time the angle of the paddles leads the sludge/lime mixture towards the outlet in the other end of the machine. The paddles can be fixed at any angle relative to the sha􀀁 axis. As a result of this the sludge retention time can be prolonged or shortened.
The unit’s robust stainless steel construction makes it versatile for many harsh municipal and
industrial applications.


• Quiet operation
• Homogeneous and thorough mix
• Compact size
• Adjustable paddles depending on sludge quality and dry so/ids content
• Easy-to-maintain

Dimensions scale is the same of BCA-BSA series.

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