Overflow Spillway Water


The screening plant model GPS is used in water treatment as first rain or as water treatment of relief in case of
heavy rainfall. The installation of GPS is ideal for mechanical screening of
floating material in relief in situations of “overflow”.

The plant consists mainly of:
• A filtering surface curved in a semicircle
• A rotating transport screw
• A zone of calm for the discharge of screenings collected

The loading basket is composed by a stainless steel sheet perforated and by an adequate support structure of the machine, the screw that rotates inside of it transports the residues of sifting captured by the filter in the axial direction
towards the discharge zone of the solid. The special brushes mounted on the surface of the screw keep clean the filter and ensure a perfect cleaning of the holes of passage of the waters.
The start/stop cycle of the screw is managed by a level indicator placed at the end of the machine.
The discharge zone is composed by a zone of calm where the collected material is ejected from the machine by means of a special pallet placed at the end of the screw. The gear motor placed at the end of the machine is compact
in size and is sized based on the length and the diameter of the machine.

• Fully automatic operation
• Low speed
• Low maintenance thanks to the self-cleaning brushes
• Adaptable to existing systems
• High percentage of removal of solid

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Combined Pretreatment Compact Unit


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