Drainage Pumps

Submersible Drainage Pumps Jacket Cooled for Abrasive Drainage Water – HBP501-HBP555



Fully submersible drainage pump consisting of:

  • Pump: Single stage centrifugal pump with the discharge on top.
  • Impeller: open multi-channel impeller
  • Motor: pressure tight, jacket cooled motor, insulation class F, Motor protection IP 68. Cable connection chamber totally isolated from motor housing. With thermal sensor embedded in motor winding. Connection cable: HBP501-507: H07RN8-F4G1 HBP512: H07RN8-F4G1.5 HBP522-555: H07RN8-F4G2.5
  • Shaft/Bearing: generously-proportioned chromium steel motor shaft, permanently-lubricated roller bearing.
  • Seals: Shaft seal combined with a double action mechanical seal in oil bath.
Submersible Mixers
  • HRG
  • Motor power: 2.5-21kW
  • Speed: 1450 rpm
Submersible Mixers
  • CHRS
  • Motor power: 1.2-6.1kW
  • Speed: 700/1400 rpm
Submersible Mixers
  • HRS
  • Motor power: 1.2-6.1kW
  • Speed: 700/1400 rpm
Submersible Pumps
  • Flow: 43m³/h, Head: 16m
  • Motor Output: 0.7-1.5kW

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